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Traditional Windsor Chair Building Instruction &  Beginning Woodworking Workshops


Workshops and chairbuilding instruction is open to  students of all skill levels. 

Chair building instruction typically requires 5-8 consecutive days depending on skill level and the chair style individuals elect to build.
I also offer weekend workshops for beginning skill levels teaching the basics of woodworking with hand tools.  Workshop schedules are flexible and based on enrollment. I need a min of 3 students to schedule a workshop.

Chairbuilding class schedules are also flexible if reserving one month in advance. Student : Instructor ratio 2:1. Individuals that would like to schedule a chair building class with a friend or family member receive a 10% discount.
                    Materials and tools are included.

Classes and Tuition

Beginning Skill Level

This skill level is for individuals who have no experience with woodworking or hand tools. In the beginning class the student teacher ratio is a maximum of two to one. Students learn to build a balloon back Windsor side chair with bamboo turnings.

All work is completed by the student.

This is an intensive 5 day class in which students learn the basics of traditional woodworking while building their own chair.

Tuition $1,500

Intermediate to Advanced Skill Level

This skill level is for anyone who has built a windsor chair or has woodworking and lathe experience. In the intermediate to advanced class students select a chair style of their choice.

Classes run for 5 - 8 days depending on the chair style selected.

Tuition $1,700.00

Traditional Woodworking Workshops

Traditional woodworking workshops take place on weekends and are ongoing. Maximum student, instructor ratio 3:1, tools included. Materials not included. Please call for workshop dates, times and openings. Turning Workshops are also ongoing in my shop in East Montpelier and Cape May County New Jersey.

Workshop Fee: Weekend / Sat - Sun: 10 am - 3 pm


Thanks William,
Can't say enough about the great class and instruction.
The class time, conversation, and Jayne's great food were a welcome relief from the day-to-day.  I enjoyed all and guarantee to come back with questions and challenges.  Hoping to get the shop completed over the winter and bring you down for the ribbon cutting.
M. A. Northfield, Vt.

*Philadelphia Tavern Chair
*Bamboo Turning Side Chair

About the School.

My ultimate goal is to expand my teaching of traditional woodworking for students of all skill levels, including those with disabilities.

The school was founded in January 2015 as a non-profit thanks to the generous donations and the philanthropy of two custom woodworking clients in Cape May County New Jersey. The school is a 501 (c) 3 established in Jan. 2015. Please consider supporting the school by making a tax deductible donation. Your donation will go toward expanding my shop to accommodate individuals with disabilities and a scholarship fund to accommodate students with developmental disabilities and for those who are economically challenged.

This is a life long dream and has been a three to five year process. We have a long way to go as our biggest obstacle has been the ability of economically challenged and individuals with developmental disabilities to afford tuition. Your donations and support will go toward keeping the disappearing art of traditional woodworking alive.

For details on making a tax deductible donation please call 802-223-5563 or mail your donation to:
Morrison School of Woodworking Arts LLC (MSWA LLC)
720 Templeton Rd
Montpelier Vermont 05602
Please make checks payable to MSWA LLC

Above Left Vt. Shop.  Top Right: Straight Back Side Chair with bamboo turnings,  carving the seat, assembling the chair, sanding the assembled chair.
 Below, instruction on the lathe.
(Above) Article featuring five chair builders who teach woodturning as part of their chairbuilding instruction. Author: David Fry. Publication: American Woodturner. March 2015