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Furniture Repair & Restoration

Custom Furnishings / Modifications

New Construction/Construction Upgrades and Improvements


Custom Furnishings / Modifications / Windsor Chairs

Custom work includes anything that requires parts made in my shop from wood harvested or purchased.

Custom work, including design/drawings and consultation is billed at 65/hr.

All customs orders are treated as “one of a kind” projects unless I have made that particular piece before. For simple, straightforward projects that do not have complex joinery or detail I will provide an estimate. A 50% deposit is required to place your order with an installment plan to satisfy the balance due, prior to pick up or delivery. For high end, complex projects I work by the hour and will try my best to give a close estimate. Any changes along the way in terms of wood type, design changes will be included in the price.

The Nature of Solid Wood Furnishings

My solid wood, custom built furnishings are products of skilled craftsmanship and also products of nature, and therefore can and will at times act in ways beyond our control. All wood has variation in both color and grain. My custom pieces along with those that I have built time and again, will reflect the natural beauty of each piece of wood. No two pieces are ever exactly the same as in high assembly line manufactured pieces.

Most woods are also grained in such a way that they are vulnerable to the phenomenon of expansion and contraction with changes in temperature and humidity, even after being finished. Not even a highly protective finish can prevent this if there are radical changes in temperature and humidity. These temperature changes may also cause the wood to crack or have surface checks. Caring for your furniture to prevent radical changes is important. Indoor humidity should be kept in the 35-40% range to minimize these effects. Solid wood should be kept away from direct sources of heating and cooling and should not be stored in attics or basements. Direct sunlight and fluorescent fixtures that contain ultraviolet rays can also cause chemical changes in wood and finish and therefore should be avoided. An area rug placed on a finished natural wood floor will block the light and after time reveal darkening where the rug was exposed to light depending on the wood selected (poplar vs oak). The same phenomenon will take place with an unpainted, finished piece of furniture. With the proper care, these changes can be avoided. When cared for properly your solid wood furniture will become a piece of timeless beauty, one that will be treasured for generations.



I am pleased that you have chosen to invest in my services as a woodworker, carpenter and craftsperson of beautiful home furnishings. My tables and chairs and custom furnishings are built entirely out of select woods from the top to bottom. I may use some plywood in places where it would not be practical to use solid hardwoods due to expansion and contraction of solid wood. I offer a two-year warranty on workmanship and construction methods, but cannot offer a warranty on warping or changes in color or texture due to exposure to elements beyond my control. If a defect is found in the first two years of when the piece was built, and the piece has not been abused or improperly cared for, or subject to radical temperature and humidity change, I will repair the piece at no cost. If the piece has been damaged due to improper care I may still be able to repair the piece or correct the offending damage, but at my regular hourly rate.  No warranty on materials is available on custom rough reclaimed wood pieces or on jobs in which the client has purchased the materials.


Always keep in mind that wood is a natural product and can expand or contract under certain humidity conditions. Most of the time this is nothing to be alarmed about and you may see a wood floor, table or joints of a cabinet go through this as the seasons change, especially if the house is not humidity controlled. If there is enough expansion or contraction in your piece to cause a seat or table top to split, we will repair the table in the first two years unless it was improperly cared for. Finishing and shipping back and forth for repairs is not included in the warranty. If the piece splits after two years from the manufacturing date, there will be a charge to repair the table and send it to the finish shop. Finishing cost will have to be negotiated


Cancellations/Refund: Terms and Conditions

Custom orders exceeding 500.00 may be cancelled with a full refund (less consultation, all travel, delivery or design fees) within 72 hours of order confirmation.Orders under 500.00 are usually added to the queue immediately and in most cases cannot be cancelled once work has begun.

Additional Terms
  • Shipping Costs:
    When your order is placed you will be emailed with a confirmation of total costs and approximate shipping time.
  • Delivery Date
    Once your order has been placed production starts. A standard order of 4-6 chairs will typically be ready for pickup or shipment 3-6 weeks. We will confirm an estimated finish date for your order when the order is placed. We cannot store your order for more than 4 days. Depending on the size of your order a storage fee may be applied. Small projects may be ready for pick up or shipment within a week from the time of order confirmation and payment.
  • Payment by Check
    If you choose to pay for your order by personal or company check, your order will be placed in the queue once your check has cleared.
  • Uncollected Orders

Please be advised that we do not have ample space to store your project. Furniture repair and restoration must be picked up within 4 days of completion. Please make the necessary arrangements for delivery or pickup when you place your order.


New Construction/Construction Upgrades and Improvements

Terms and Conditions vary from one job to the next and are based on the scope of work.
For most projects I require 50% to start. Contract/installment terms apply.

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